Cellecta Yelofon FS15 (15mmx30mmx2m)

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    The Cellecta Yelofon FS15 Flanking Strip is a flexible and lightweight polyethylene strip, designed for easy installation and cutting. It serves to minimise sound transmission between walls and floors, providing exceptional soundproofing and acoustical control. Constructed from high-density polymer, it is moisture-resistant and well-suited for both new builds and renovations.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Non-cross-linked
    • Made of closed-cell polyethylene
    • Lightweight and flexible
    • Can be placed around the floor perimeter


    Flexible polyethylene flanking strip to isolate acoustic treatment from wall structures, reducing flanking sound


    Profiled perimeter edge strip

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    Cellecta Yelofon FS15 (15mmx30mmx2m)
    £1.84 (incl. VAT: £2.21)