140mm Unilin Xtratherm XTPR (2400×1200)(2.88m2)

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    Thin-R Pitched Roof, designed for sloped roofs (ventilated, hybrid, or warm), offers superior U-Values without encroaching on living space. Roof construction is a pivotal component in the building envelope and is prone to substantial heat loss. Employing this product effectively curtails heat loss and enhances Thermal Bridging details.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Avoids intrusion into living area
    • Reduced risk of condensation
    • Lightweight and easy to install
    • Reduced thermal bridging
    • Low emissivity foil facings
    Dimensions 2400 × 1200 mm

    Thermal conductivity

    0.022 (W/mk)

    Fire Rating

    Euroclass E

    Compressive strength

    150 KPA



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    140mm Unilin Xtratherm XTPR (2400×1200)(2.88m2)
    £42.50 (incl. VAT: £51.00)