80mm Knauf Factoryclad Roll 32 (5m x 1200mm) (24 packs per pallet) (6m2)

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80mm FactoryClad Roll 32 is a Glass Mineral Wool roll, specially designed for built-up metal roofs and walls, delivering top-notch thermal performance within its range. This non-combustible insulation holds the highest Euroclass A1 reaction to fire classification, ensuring excellent fire safety. Manufactured with Knauf Insulation’s innovative ECOSE® Technology, it utilises a unique bio-based binder, making it an eco-friendly choice for insulation needs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Long Lengths and High Tear Strength: Manufactured with long lengths and high tear strength, the product ensures ease of installation and exceptional durability, saving time and resources during installation and providing long-lasting performance.
  • Sound Absorbent Lining: When used with perforated metal liner sheets, it functions as an effective sound absorbent lining, controlling reverberation of internal sound and creating a more acoustically comfortable environment.
  • Efficient and Quick Installation: The rolls are manufactured at a width of 1200mm, improving on-site efficiency and enabling quick installation, reducing labor costs and project timelines.

thermal conductivity

0.032 W/mk

Fire Rating

Euroclass A


Mineral Wool

compressive strength




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