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Foamglas T4+ Slab 600x450x160mm (0.81m²) (3 per pack)

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    A versatile solution for insulation needs across various architectural elements, including flat and tapered roofs, façade, interior spaces, perimeter walls, and below-ground structures. With FOAMGLAS®, installation can be tailored to suit specific requirements, accommodating multiple layers if necessary. Its ease of manipulation, with the ability to be effortlessly cut or trimmed using a hand saw blade, ensures seamless integration into any project.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Versatile Application
    • Enhanced Thermal Performance
    • High Compressive Strength
    • Structural Engineer Verification
    Thermal Conductivity

    0.041 W/(mK)

    Compressive strength

    600 kPa

    Fire Rating

    Euroclass A1


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