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50mm Kingspan Kooltherm K107 Pitched Roof Board(2400mm x 1200mm) (6 boards per pack) (17.28M2)

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    Kooltherm K107 offers top-tier performance as a pitched roof insulation board, fitting well in tiled or slated pitched roofs, attic floors, dormer windows, and flat ceilings. These boards are user-friendly, making retrofits straightforward for attic conversions without requiring re-roofing. Simple to cut and handle, they ensure an efficient installation, easily adjusted to fit rafter spacings.

    Features and Benefits:

    • One of the thinnest commonly used insulation for pitched roofs, allowing U-values to be reached with minimal thickness
    • Isn’t susceptible to sagging over time
    • Perfect for creating a usable attic / loft space or attic / loft renovation project
    • Less likely to need additional insulated plasterboard due to excellent thermal performance
    • Low emissivity foil facing greatly reduces heat loss through the roof and helps save on energy costs
    Dimensions 2400 × 1200 mm

    Thermal Conducivity

    0.019 W/mK

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